Meet the artist
La jeune femme et la mer

Saturday, 6.11.2021
4pm — 5pm

In her latest album, The Young Woman and the Sea, Catherine Meurisse focuses on the landscapes and nature of Japan. The artist’s enthusiasm for this island state’s beauty leads her to the great philosophical questions, as well as to the world-famous painter and woodcutter Hokusai – in humorous, profound and inspiring ways.

Catherine Meurisse guides visitors through the exhibition with curator Anette Gehrig and subsequently signs copies of her work.


© Catherine Meurisse 2021

Catherine Meurisse

6.11.2021 — 13.3.2022

5 Catherine Meurisse La jeune femme et la mer Dargaud 2021 Hintergrund bearbeitet

© Catherine Meurisse «La jeune femme et la mer» Dargaud 2021

Costs: Sfr. 5.— plus entrance fee