Museums Night 2022
Lost Paradise

Friday, 21.1.2022
6pm — 2am

Artist Catherine Meurisse, featured in the current exhibition, grew up in the countryside, surrounded by nature. With plenty of humour and light-heartedness, but also some wistfulness, she tells of her childhood experiences in the book The Great Outdoors. Many people have memories of such a paradise - or yearn for one. On Museums Night, we will send artists off on a search for ideals in live performances, utopias will be designed in workshops, and animated films will tell of places of happiness.


© Catherine Meurisse 2021

Catherine Meurisse

6.11.2021 — 13.3.2022

7 Catherine Meurisse La jeune femme et la mer Dargaud 2021 Hintergrund bearbeitet

© Catherine Meurisse «La jeune femme et la mer» Dargaud 2021