Artist Talk
A final word on cinema

Thursday, 14.12.2023

Blutch has drawn posters for filmmaker Alain Resnais, and dedicated an album to cinema and the idols of his youth, such as Claudia Cardinale, Jean-Luc Godard and Luchino Visconti – an album in which film and the language of comics inspire each other. Stadtkino, in its series on French animation, is screening the animated film ‘Fear(s) of the Dark’, to which Blutch contributed a sequence. Anette Gehrig talks to Blutch about the influence of film on his work and his enthusiasm for the medium. A collaboration with Stadtkino Basel.



11.11.2023 — 11.2.2024

© Blutch «Femme au cinéma» 2011

© Blutch «Femme au cinéma» 2011