Digital Comic Lab

Wednesday, 25.10.2023
4pm — 6.45pm

Digital drawing and digital comics are opening up new horizons. Image-processing and animation software merge analogue drawings with digitally generated images. Stories do not have to be told in a linear fashion, but can be explored by the readers themselves – like in a video game.
In collaboration with DQ Solutions, Cartoonmuseum Basel invites you to the current exhibition ‘Paper Life’ on the USA’s contemporary and currently most important comics artist and exceptional talent Chris Ware. In his exhibition curator Anette Gehrig, demonstrate the literary and graphic possibilities of comics – from analogue to digital. In a workshop with artist Rina Jost, participants have the opportunity to experiment on iPads and familiarise themselves with these modern drawing tools.

Two workshops with drawing professionals and two guided tours with artists in alternation. Include backgrounds as beginners and advanced artists.

Chat with the pros over snacks and drinks. Limited number of places.


3:45–4:00 pm: Arrival of participants

4:00 pm Welcoming address – DQ Solutions & Cartoonmuseum Basel

4:30 pm Start of exhibition tour & workshop group 1

5:30 pm Break

5:45 pm Start of exhibition tour & workshop group 2

6:45 pm Snacks, drinks & chat


Chris Ware «Paper Life» 2023

Chris Ware

1.7. — 29.10.2023

3761 8927

Cartoonmuseum Basel 2022

The participation is free of charge.

Fully booked: You can register for the waiting list at