Wednesday morning talk


Wednesday, 17.11.2021
10am — 12pm

French cartoonist Catherine Meurisse spent years working on comics and comic strips for satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. In her graphic novels, she takes different approaches: The albums Olympia in Love and Delacroix energetically shake up literary and art history, whereas in The Great Outdoors, she visits the magical place of her childhood – a remote farm.

Anette Gehrig, director and curator of Cartoonmuseum Basel, in conversation with art historian Jana Novotny, artistic director of Fumetto Comic Festival Lucerne.


© Catherine Meurisse 2021

Catherine Meurisse

6.11.2021 — 13.3.2022

14 Catherine Meurisse Les Grands Espaces Dargaud 2018 Hintergrund bearbeitet

© Catherine Meurisse «Les Grands Espaces» Dargaud 2018

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