Wednesday morning talk

The blue space between the clouds

Wednesday, 23.11.2022
10am — 12pm

The comics artist Cosey, from western Switzerland, underpins his 17-volume “Jonathan” series, which he began in 1975, with detailed and contextually coherent depictions of Tibetan culture. Alexandra von Przychowski, curator of art from China and the Himalayan region at Museum Rietberg in Zurich, talks to Anette Gehrig, museum director and curator of the exhibition “Cosey: Vers l’inconnu”, about the content and significance of this culture with regard to the artist’s oeuvre.


© Cosey, «La piste de Yéshé», Éditions du Lombard, 2021


12.11.2022 — 26.2.2023

11 Cosey Le Bouddha d Azur Edition Dupuis 2006

© Cosey «Le Bouddha d'Azur» Band 2 Edition Dupuis 2006

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