Victoria Lomasko
Other Russias

The Book accompanying the exhibition

The Book accompanying the exhibition “Victoria Lomasko. Other Russias” with the unpublished Comic “The journey to Dagestan”. The internationally prominent Russian artist and reporter Victoria Lomasko observes and criticises the paternalism that Russian citizens are subjected to via increasing censorship, the passing of restrictive laws, and the increasing unification of the Russian Orthodox Church with the state apparatus. At Cartoonmuseum Basel, Victoria Lomasko presents her very first retrospective. The publication shows an overview of her work.

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Anette Gehrig (Hg.)
Texte: Dr. Sandra Frimmel.
40 pages (comic), colored illustrations (6 posters), 3 parts. In printed plastic case
ISBN 978-3-033-07452-1

30 x 40 cm

Sfr. 19.— / € 19.—

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