Brecht Evens
Night Animals

The Book accompanying the exhibition

Idulfania is a collection of comic strips by emerging Belgian illustrator Brecht Evens. This artist’s distinctive unconventional watercolour technique, devoid of outlines, captures the imagination. Mostly without panels, and in subtle bright colours, the characters, backgrounds and painted colourful text merge with one another.

Idulfania is an imaginary land where kings, knights, modern-day people, fairy-tale characters and mythical creatures meet. The fascination of power and the devastation that it causes are at the heart of this visual series that tends towards the macabre and the surreal. Brecht Evens experimented with absurd constellations, unexpected twists and vicious punch lines to create this darkly humorous collection of grim short fairy tales for adults.

In connection with the exhibition “Brecht Evens: Night Animals” at Cartoonmuseum Basel, these comic strips, published individually in Belgian weekly newspaper “Brussel Deze Week” from 2009 to 2011, are appearing for the first time as a book.

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Christoph Merian Verlag, 112 pages, 56 images, coloured, hard cover

ISBN 978-3-85616-937-4

12 x 31 cm

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