Ampel Magazin # 15
Normalerweise war’s das


The new edition “Ampel Magazin” No 15, titled “Normalerweise war’s das” (“Usually, this is it”) is a subtle story of the power of a lie and the weight of guilt in a father-daughter relationship. This most recent issue was co-written and illustrated by the three editors, who also designed and curated the exhibition at the Cartoonmuseum Basel. The “Ampel Magazin” No 15 has been printed in two colours and is hand-bound by the editors. Narration, illustration, and design all receive equal attention in the endeavour to create a harmonious and complete issue.

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Ampel Magazin (ed.)
Normalerweise war’s das
48 pages, two colour drawings,
handbound, 26,5 x 40cm 

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