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Jules Stauber Cartoons

16.3. — 26.5.2013

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The Cartoonmuseum Basel is presenting a major retrospective exhibition on the work of Swiss cartoonist Jules Stauber (1920-2008). The artist, who was born near Montreux, touches on themes as diverse as philosophy, society, work and relationships – topics he examines with an almost scientific meticulousness to draw out their essence. His body of work consists of close to 17,000 illustrations that all attest to the artist’s acute power of observation, sensual imagination, elegant technique and quiet sense of humour. The poetic imagery and the precise and contained strokes are reminiscent of the great European illustrators who were Stauber’s contemporaries: Bosc, Chaval, Flora and Sempé. Original works by these artists will also be displayed in the exhibition. The Cartoonmuseum Basel highlights Jules Stauber’s influential role as an illustrator for the “Nebelspalter” and shows works by other cartoonists who like Stauber published in this renowned satirical magazine. In an appealing and accessible way, the exhibition brings to life the contents, forms and limits of satirical social criticism in the second half of the 20th century.
Curator: Anette Gehrig

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