Past Exhibition

Stauber revisited
Hélène Becquelin, Coco, Laura Jurt, Gabi Kopp, Lika Nüssli

16.3. — 26.5.2013

Werk Coco Baum

The relationship between men and women was one of Stauber’s favourite topics. His experimental set-ups on courting, eroticism, love and marriage are more amorous role-play than battle of the sexes. The ladies are voluptuous and like to show it; the gentlemen with receding hairlines wear suits and like to look at the ladies. Using this simple formula, Stauber combines observation and erotic fantasies to create charming, sensuous duets, sometimes explicit but never malicious. The special exhibition shows etchings, watercolours and objects by the five illustrators Hélène Becquelin, Laura Jurt, Gabi Kopp, Lika Nüssli und Corinne Rey (Coco), who, inspired by Stauber’s drawings of couples, give their own, present-day perspective on the topic.
Curator: Anette Gehrig

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